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Battle of the Network Stars" returns to Pepperdine
Christian Church Today - News Articles 2017-05-27 @ 01:14
On Monday, Pepperdine University (Malibu, CA) announced that a revival of the hit ABC television series Battle of the Network Stars will be filmed on their campus beginning next week. Host network...
ISIS Attacks Unleashed in Southeast Asia
CBN - Christian World News 2017-05-26 @ 19:00
Chinese Finding Creative Ways for Finding Their Soul Mate
CBN - Christian World News 2017-05-26 @ 18:50
Plans for papal visit to Holy Land?
Catholic World News 2017-05-26 @ 18:20
Vatican and Israeli officials have begun discussions about a possible visit by Pope Francis to the Holy Land, according to the Times of Israel.
Vatican envoy pushes for measures to protect civilians in wartime
Catholic World News 2017-05-26 @ 18:16
The use of civilians as weapons of war represents the most execrable of human behavior," the Vatican's representative told a UN forum on protection of civilians during wartime.
Moral Outrage in America Is Now for Everybody
Christianity Today 2017-05-26 @ 17:48
Gallup finds record-high liberalism on 10 of 19 issues. Yet moderates and liberals are growing more concerned. Ask Americans about their personal views on moral issues, and they are more likely than...
Rigidity is enemy of missionary work, Pope tells Little Missionary Sisters of Charity
Catholic World News 2017-05-26 @ 17:22
Pope Francis encouraged the Little Missionary Sisters of Charity to be "missionaries without borders," as he spoke on May 26 to leaders of the religious order who were gathered in Rome for their...
Beatification cause opened for slain French priest, Father Jacques Hamel
Catholic World News 2017-05-26 @ 17:15
At a brief ceremony in Rouen last week, a cause for the beatification of Father Jacques Hamel was formally opened.
Terrorists Kill 26 Christians on Church Bus Trip to Popular Monastery
Christianity Today 2017-05-26 @ 16:33
On eve of Ramadan, attack stuns Egypt’s Copts. Terrorists ambushed a Coptic church bus trip on Friday near Minya in Upper Egypt, killing at least 26 and injuring 25, including many children. Egypt's...
Moscow patriarchate seeks allies in battle against restrictive legislation in Ukraine
Catholic World News 2017-05-26 @ 16:12
The Russian Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow is attempting to enlist the Vatican and other Christian bodies in opposition to proposed regarding religion in Ukraine.
Defending the Faith (of Others)
Christianity Today 2017-05-26 @ 15:00
Russian evangelicals’ hesitancy to back Jehovah’s Witnesses could backfire. Evangelism is a tough sell in Russia, where the Orthodox Church dominates the religious and political landscape. So the...
How Christians See Muslims
Christianity Today 2017-05-26 @ 15:00
Missions experts urge concern for both souls and security. Last December, two Muslim college students visited an upstate New York megachurch as part of an assignment to learn about different faiths...
Gleanings: June 2017
Christianity Today 2017-05-26 @ 15:00
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our June issue). Christian hospitals could face crushing pensions The US Supreme Court will decide this month whether Christian...
The Invisible Heroes of the Persecuted Church
Christianity Today 2017-05-26 @ 15:00
The case for Christians investing in the profession only 1 in 5 Americans trust. Behind every Asia Bibi—the Pakistani Christian mother of five still on death row after seven years over a false...
Do Children Go to Heaven When They Die?
Christianity Today 2017-05-26 @ 15:00
God's love for children is clear in Scripture, but the 'age of accountability' is harder to find. Several years ago, I took a group of college students to the Amazon basin to share the love of Christ...
I Survived Katrina and Cancer
Christianity Today 2017-05-26 @ 15:00
Here's what I learned. As I emerged from the fog of anesthesia, I heard the surgeon informing my wife, Kelly, that our worst fear had improbably come true. "Cancer!?" I interrupted, before falling...
How I Became a Jailhouse Jesus Freak
Christianity Today 2017-05-26 @ 15:00
I was sentenced to life for a murder I didn’t commit. But God didn't forget me. It happened in a blur. One minute we were enjoying a night out, shooting pool. The next thing I knew, we were running...
The Freedom and Chaos of Sola Scriptura
Christianity Today 2017-05-26 @ 15:00
Historian Mark Noll helps unravel the uses and misuses of ‘the Bible alone.’ It's been a hallmark of Protestantism for 500 years, but what do we mean when we base our faith on "the Bible alone"...
Our Spiritual Gifts Have an Expiration Date
Christianity Today 2017-05-26 @ 15:00
Let’s rejoice in them—while looking forward to a time when they’re no longer needed. Spiritual gifts can cause confusion. As a pastor in a charismatic church, I encounter it all the time...
Do We Treat Sunday the Way the Earliest Christians Did?
Christianity Today 2017-05-26 @ 15:00
Historian Justo González charts how observance of the Lord’s Day has changed over time. I never miss the opportunity to read Justo González. The eminent Cuban American church historian has...
Eugene Peterson: The Pursuit of Happiness Is a Dead-End Street
Christianity Today 2017-05-26 @ 15:00
How Ecclesiastes shows a better way to joyful living than chasing pleasure When God spoke to Job "out of the whirlwind" (Job 38:1, RSV throughout), he told him that when he, God, "laid the foundation...
Interview: Why the Modern World Is Making Us Miserable
Christianity Today 2017-05-26 @ 15:00
Mark Sayers asks us to look to the Bible’s steadying influence in an era of cultural turmoil. Mark Sayers hears it all the time: Between the election of Donald Trump, Britain's exit from the...
Interview: Ben Sasse: Adolescence Is a Gift, but Extended Adolescence Is a Trap
Christianity Today 2017-05-26 @ 15:00
The Nebraska senator wants parents to get serious about shepherding kids into responsible adulthood. During the 2016 presidential race, Senator Ben Sasse, a Nebraska Republican, struck a chord on...
9 Christians Killed as Jihadists Aim to Transform Mindanao into Islamic State
CBN - Christian World News 2017-05-26 @ 14:08
Prejudice and Discrimination: Why We Can’t Keep Covering Them Up
Christianity Today 2017-05-26 @ 14:00
Baseball and the distinction between prejudice and discrimination Racial and ethnic diversity among Major League Baseball (MLB) players has grown significantly since Jackie Robinson broke the color...
Massacre of Copts on pilgrimage in Egypt
Catholic World News 2017-05-26 @ 13:20
Gunmen in military uniforms stopped a bus carrying Coptic Orthodox pilgrims in Egypt on May 26, and opened fire on the passengers, killing at least 26 people and wounding a roughly equal number.
Terrorists Attack Christians in Egypt, Massacring at Least 26
CBN - Christian World News 2017-05-26 @ 12:46
Flight ministry sees uptick in aid requests as DRC violence continues
Mission Network News 2017-05-26 @ 10:00
DRC (MNN) -- In 2016, the Democratic Republic of the Congo had more newly-displaced people than Syria or Iraq. According to the latest Global Report on Internal Displacement by the Internal...
Joy enters the jail, a story of healing
Mission Network News 2017-05-26 @ 10:00
United States (MNN) -- There is something precious about meeting with people in need, to hear their stories and offer comfort. It may not be comfortable or easy to shoulder someone else’s burdens...
Fighting reignites in the Philippines
Mission Network News 2017-05-26 @ 10:00
Philippines (MNN) -- Just when it seemed like things were settling down in the Philippines, conflict between government soldiers and ISIS-linked fighters reignited. Reserve soldiers in the Armed...
Pope names new vicar general of Rome, archpriest of Lateran Basilica
Catholic World News 2017-05-26 @ 07:31
Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Cardinal Agostino Vallini, 77, as vicar general of Rome and archpriest of the Lateran Basilica and has named Bishop Angelo de Donatis as his successor.
Philippine bishop hopeful that militants will release hostages
Catholic World News 2017-05-26 @ 07:01
The bishop of Marawi on the island of Mindanao expressed hope that intermediaries will convince the militant group Maute—also known as the Islamic State of Lanao—to release his vicar...
Christians facing fines in Azerbaijan
Catholic World News 2017-05-26 @ 06:26
Christians in the largely Muslim nation of Azerbaijan are facing fines and the prospect of imprisonment for distributing religious literature that has not been authorized by the government.
UN meeting on disaster risk reduction: Cardinal Parolin outlines Holy See's position
Catholic World News 2017-05-26 @ 06:03
As a UN meeting on disaster risk reduction takes place in Cancún, the Vatican's Secretary of State outlined the Holy See's position.
Pope recalls Our Lady, Help of Christians
Catholic World News 2017-05-26 @ 05:27
At the conclusion of his May 24 general audience, Pope Francis recalled the traditional observance of the day as the feast of Our Lady, Help of Christians.
Six Ways Men Can Support Women’s Discipleship
Christianity Today 2017-05-25 @ 15:00
Male clergy and laity who want to enable women’s ministry often don't know how to get involved or what to do. #AmplifyWomen is a two-month-long series running on CT Women, designed to generate a...
Some Quick Thoughts on House Churches: The Good, the Bad, and Why You Should Be Open to Them
Christianity Today 2017-05-25 @ 14:00
They appeal to certain church planters and in certain contexts. Discerning House Churches The house church discussion is always an interesting one. People can be very passionate about house, simple...
Jail ministry shares a message of healing
Mission Network News 2017-05-25 @ 10:00
United States (MNN) -- For about a year now, Forgotten Man Ministries and Set Free Ministries have joined together to meet with women in a county jail in West Michigan. When the women sign up for the...
BiblePlus+ provides unique Gospel experience in Ghana
Mission Network News 2017-05-25 @ 10:00
Ghana (MNN) -- When God stirs His people to action, there’s no telling what they can accomplish. (Photo courtesy of OneWay Ministries) After recently asking people to donate to its BiblePlus+ audio...
Filipino city attacked by extremists, martial law imposed
Mission Network News 2017-05-25 @ 10:00
Philippines (MNN) -- Acts of terrorism are on the rise in the Philippines. On Tuesday, militants loyal to ISIS attacked the southern city of Marawi, kidnapped a Catholic priest and over a dozen...
CWN closed for Ascension Thursday
Catholic World News 2017-05-25 @ 07:36
The offices of Catholic World News will be closed on May 25, Ascension Thursday, so that our staff can celebrate the feast day.
General Synod timetable published
Church of England 2017-05-25 @ 01:00
General Synod timetable published
India: arrests in vandalization of new church
Catholic World News 2017-05-24 @ 17:48
Police in India have arrested 22 people in connection with the vandalization of a new Catholic church in Keesara.
Venezuelan cardinal quotes Archbishop Romero in plea for end to government repression
Catholic World News 2017-05-24 @ 17:41
Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino of Caracas invoked the memory of Blessed Oscar Romero, the slain Salvadoran archbishop, in a plea for an end to the government's abuse of power.
French abuse victims press lawsuit against Cardinal Barbarin, other bishops
Catholic World News 2017-05-24 @ 17:35
Sex-abuse victims in France have filed a lawsuit against several Catholic prelates, charging that they failed to report abuse by a priest.
'Underground' Chinese bishop taken into custody again
Catholic World News 2017-05-24 @ 17:14
Bishop Peter Shao Zhumin of Wenzhou, who was arrested by Chinese officials just before Easter, has again been taken into custody, the AsiaNews service reports.
SSPX bishops authorized to ordain priests without permission of local bishops
Catholic World News 2017-05-24 @ 17:05
Bishops of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) have been authorized by Pope Francis to ordain new priests without the approval of the local diocesan bishop, according to Bishop Bernard Fellay, the...
'The Lord Is Close to the Broken-Hearted': Manchester's Churches Reach Out
CBN - Christian World News 2017-05-24 @ 15:26
How Government Support Saved Me
Christianity Today 2017-05-24 @ 14:04
Signing up for food stamps changed my view of poverty in America. Just a few months ago, my family stopped qualifying for government cheese. It came as a little bit of a surprise to me—I had...
The Type of Leaders a Small Town Church Needs
Christianity Today 2017-05-24 @ 14:00
Lessons from a Small Town Pastor A pastor or church planter in a small town who wants to make a long-lasting impact on the community will need a strategy to develop good leaders. What should you be...
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