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Christians, Think Twice About Eradicating Mosquitoes to Defeat Malaria
Christianity Today 2017-04-25 @ 16:00
When disease vectors are also victims. I was warned there would be a lot of mosquitoes when I traveled to the northern coast of Alaska to collect soil samples, but nothing could prepare me for the...
The March for Science Isn’t Anti-Religion. Most Scientists Aren’t Either.
Christianity Today 2017-04-25 @ 15:00
What I’ve learned from a decade of studying the faith of researchers. Most Christians assume that scientists who are atheists are anti-religion. I hear this stereotype a lot when I visit churches...
Open Your Home to the Homeless, Even When It Makes You Uncomfortable
Christianity Today 2017-04-25 @ 15:00
Welcoming the stranger carries real risks. But hospitality is a New Testament expectation. During our first five years as newlyweds, my husband, Tom, and I watched every episode of The X-Files. I was...
The “E” Word: Why Many Avoid It, and How We Can Reimagine It
Christianity Today 2017-04-25 @ 15:00
Part One in a new series. If we are honest, we must say that in many senses, we've lost our imagination, passion, and direction for evangelism. We need to put evangelism back into our imagination...
Templeton Prize Winner: Alvin Plantinga, Who Proved God’s Not Dead in Academia
Christianity Today 2017-04-25 @ 14:00
Christian scholar honored with $1.4 million award for reshaping the philosophy of belief. The man who brought belief in God back into the study of philosophy, Alvin Plantinga, has received the 2017...
Norcia monastery to move outside town
Catholic World News 2017-04-25 @ 11:24
The Benedictine monks who established a community in Norcia in 2000 have announced plans to move out of the town, to set up a new monastery in the neighboring hills.
Indian archbishop accuses of attempting to poison former archdiocesan spokesman
Catholic World News 2017-04-25 @ 11:14
An Indian priest has filed a criminal complaint alleging that his archbishop attemped to poison him, in a bizarre legal case.
Tight security, a 'new normal,' for papal trip to Egypt
Catholic World News 2017-04-25 @ 11:07
Security will be tight when Pope Francis travels to Egypt on April 28, presidential spokesman Greg Burke told reporters, but there are no specific threats.
Catholic bishops deplore failure to find consensus in Democratic Republic of Congo
Catholic World News 2017-04-25 @ 11:02
The Catholic bishops of the Democratic Republic of Congo have called for an end to a political impasse, which now threatens plans for new presidential elections this year.
Council of Cardinals studying tribunals, staffing issues
Catholic World News 2017-04-25 @ 10:55
The Council of Cardinals is studying the work of the Vatican tribunals, and addressing questions about Vatican staff appointments, in meetings with Pope Francis this week.
Catholic vote divided in French presidential run-off
Catholic World News 2017-04-25 @ 10:51
Catholic voters have no clear-cut preference in the French presidential election, which now pits Emmanuel Macron against Marine Le Pen, according to opinion polls.
Could China, U.S. relations improve religious freedoms?
Mission Network News 2017-04-25 @ 10:00
China (MNN) -- Earlier this month, President Donald Trump met with China’s President Xi at Trump's home, Mar-a-Lago. The globe has been watching to see how things develop between the two nations...
Inspiring the advance of technology missions in India
Mission Network News 2017-04-25 @ 10:00
India (MNN) -- Audio Scripture Ministries is still working on their new app that will be out in India later this year. This app will feature audio Bibles and Gospel materials in several Indian...
Ghana prison system partners with ministry for holistic care
Mission Network News 2017-04-25 @ 10:00
Ghana (MNN) -- One of the roles of the Church is to step into great need and lend a hand to hurting people. It’s all part of being the hands and feet of Jesus. In Ghana, one great need exists in...
Pope issues message to people of Egypt
Catholic World News 2017-04-25 @ 07:27
Pope Francis has issued a video-message to the people of Egypt on the eve of his apostolic journey there.
Pope, in video message, pays tribute to priest-educator
Catholic World News 2017-04-25 @ 07:17
Appearing on video, Pope Francis has released a message on the occasion of the publication of the collected works of Father Lorenzo Milani (1923-67), an educator.
Pope to make pilgrimage to pray at priests' tombs
Catholic World News 2017-04-25 @ 07:01
On June 20, Pope Francis will make a pilgrimage to Bozzolo to pray at the tomb of Father Primo Mazzolari, and to Barbiana to pray at the tomb of Father Lorenzo Milani.
French bishops' conference reacts to presidential vote
Catholic World News 2017-04-25 @ 06:24
The Bishops' Conference of France has issued a statement following the first round of the presidential voting, which saw Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen emerge as the two candidates in the May 7...
'In China, unregistered churches are driving a religious revolution'
Catholic World News 2017-04-25 @ 06:05
The Atlantic has published a profile of a Protestant congregation in Chengdu, China, that the government neither officially recognizes nor has shut down.
One-on-One with Dave Choi of Church of the Beloved in Chicago
Christianity Today 2017-04-25 @ 06:00
Dave started the church in 2011 with no people, no resources, no building, nothing. Ed: Dave, you came here and started Church of the Beloved in Chicago, but give me a little backstory. How did you...
Investors with $10trn under management declare support for ExxonMobil climate change resolution
Church of England 2017-04-25 @ 01:00
Investors with $10trn under management declare support for ExxonMobil climate change resolution
Eastpoint Christian is growing!
Christian Church Today - News Articles 2017-04-24 @ 18:57
Eastpoint Christian Church is one of our newest megachurches - and it's the only one in the state of Maine. Scott Taube planted the church in Portland, Maine in 2004 and it has grown steadily since...
Lebanese Orthodox prelate confident that kidnapped bishops remain alive
Catholic World News 2017-04-24 @ 18:41
A Syriac Orthodox bishop in Lebanon has expressed confidence that two Orthodox prelates who were kidnapped in Syria in 2013 are still alive, despite a lack of information about their whereabouts.
Boston archdiocese opens first new church in 60 years
Catholic World News 2017-04-24 @ 18:34
For the first time in over 60 years, the Archdiocese of Boston has dedicated a new church.
'Newman Guide' colleges show steady growth, report says
Catholic World News 2017-04-24 @ 18:28
The 10th-anniversary edition of The Newman Guide, published to help draw attention to authentically Catholic colleges, shows a pattern of strong growth among the schools recommended for their...
Pope decries 'rigid' and 'rationalistic' theology
Catholic World News 2017-04-24 @ 18:16
In his homily at a morning Mass on April 24, Pope Francis said that the Holy Spirit enables believers to "go forward along the parth of the Spirit without compromise, without rigidity."
Gay activist hired for communications job in Oslo diocese
Catholic World News 2017-04-24 @ 18:13
The Diocese of Oslo, Norway, is under fire for hiring a communications official who has been involved with the gay-rights movement.
Australian bishops oppose drive to legalize assisted suicide
Catholic World News 2017-04-24 @ 18:09
The Catholic bishops of Victoria, Australia have issued a pastoral letter opposing a new drive to legalize physician-assisted suicide.
100,000 attend Divine Mercy devotions in El Salvador
Catholic World News 2017-04-24 @ 18:05
A stunning crowd estimated at 100,000 joined in a weekend of Divine Mercy devotions at a shrine in El Salvador this weekend.
Papal reference to 'concentration camps' for Europe's refugees draws criticism
Catholic World News 2017-04-24 @ 18:01
Pope Francis drew new controversy on April 22 when he compared the transit centers for European migrants to "concentration camps."
What to Make of Donald Trump’s Soul
Christianity Today 2017-04-24 @ 15:00
And how that might shape our response to his presidency. It has been customary to give a new president 100 days before evaluating his administration. With President Donald Trump, many could not wait...
Interview: How a Disney Ballerina Ended Up Fighting Modern Slavery
Christianity Today 2017-04-24 @ 15:00
The director of church mobilization for International Justice Mission says women can’t have it all, but they can have something better. Today, forced labor and sexual servitude traps 45 million...
Orphans Reborn expands into Far East Russia
Mission Network News 2017-04-24 @ 10:00
Russia (MNN) -- Orphans Reborn, a year-round children’s ministry through Slavic Gospel Association, is expanding into the lands of Far East Russia. Far East Russia holds 323 orphanages throughout a...
Millions of South Sudanese face famine in ‘lean season’
Mission Network News 2017-04-24 @ 10:00
South Sudan (MNN) -- It’s been just over two months since the South Sudanese government declared famine conditions in parts of the country, according to Relief Web. Now we’re getting close to...
Asian Access marks its Golden Jubilee in Jakarta, Indonesia
Mission Network News 2017-04-24 @ 10:00
Indonesia (MNN) -- MNN's Ruth K. is on the road this week, heading to Indonesia and Japan with ministry partner Asian Access.  Here is 'Day One' on the travelogue: (Image courtesy of Asian Access...
French priest beatified in Spain
Catholic World News 2017-04-24 @ 07:23
Father Louis-Antoine-Rose Ormières Lacase (1801-90), a French priest who spent the last years of his life in Spain, was beatified at Oviedo Cathedral on April 22.
Pope Francis: mercy opens the door of the mind and the heart
Catholic World News 2017-04-24 @ 07:11
During his April 23 Regina Coeli address, Pope Francis recalled the removal of white baptismal garments by new converts on the Octave of Easter and described St. John Paul II's institution of Divine...
+Cardinal Attilio Nicora, 80
Catholic World News 2017-04-24 @ 06:50
Cardinal Attilio Nicora, president emeritus of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See, died on April 22 at the age of 80.
Pope honors new martyrs, says Satan foments persecution
Catholic World News 2017-04-24 @ 06:34
Pope Francis presided at a Liturgy of the Word on April 22 in honor of the martyrs of the 20th and 21st centuries.
Pope receives Liechtenstein's monarch
Catholic World News 2017-04-24 @ 06:15
Pope Francis received Prince Hans Adam II and Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein on April 22.
Vatican message to Buddhists focuses on nonviolence
Catholic World News 2017-04-24 @ 05:59
The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue has issued its annual message to Buddhists on the occasion of Vesak, the commemoration of Buddha's birthday.
Even in Canada, Conservative Churches Are Growing
Christianity Today 2017-04-23 @ 14:00
Mainline churches with evangelical leanings outpace their liberal counterparts, study says. Amid the decades-long decline in mainline Protestantism in North America, researchers in Canada recently...
What the Church Says to Terrible People
Christianity Today 2017-04-23 @ 13:00
‘Welcome to the club.’ When asked why it was important to him to have a cabinet that was 50 percent female, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau coolly responded, "Because it's 2015." In other...
Gleanings: May 2017
Christianity Today 2017-04-23 @ 13:00
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our May issue). That Loving Feeling In recent years, Americans have developed warmer feelings toward every religious groupȁ...
The Science of Sinning Less
Christianity Today 2017-04-23 @ 13:00
What new research reveals about self-control and willpower. As a Christian, I have often wondered about my failures of self-control. Why is it that I can know what I want to do, carefully plan to do...
The Greatest Threat to the Church Isn’t Islam—It’s Us
Christianity Today 2017-04-23 @ 13:00
A leading Nigerian theologian believes the real danger to Christianity in Africa is in the church. A good pickpocket works with a partner who will distract the "mark" while the pickpocket steals his...
Together for the Gospels: Unprecedented Unity Brings Big Bucks to Bible Translation
Christianity Today 2017-04-23 @ 13:00
Lessons learned from illumiNations initiative could transform giving to other causes. This fall, ten Bible translation agencies—from Wycliffe Bible Translators to Pioneer Bible Translators to...
CRACKDOWN: Pastor Arrested in China for Singing ‘Jesus Loves Me’
CBN - Christian World News 2017-04-22 @ 19:42
Cease Squirming and Know That I Am God: Why Don’t We Share the Gospel?
Christianity Today 2017-04-22 @ 15:00
We share the gospel because men and women need to know they are loved by God. I've seen people squirm and fidget whenever the topic of evangelism is mentioned. Of course, the reasons vary from person...
Why the Church Needs the Infertile Couple
Christianity Today 2017-04-21 @ 23:00
We're missing a broader scope of familial love. At the center of the remarkable montage near the opening of Pixar's Up stands the sorrow of infertility. On one side lie the joys of a budding marriage...
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