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Why Christians Need to Support Women’s Rights and Religious Freedom in the Muslim World
Christianity Today 2018-09-22 @ 19:00
There is a correlation between these two liberties that must be uncovered. Although women's rights and religious freedom are not commonly associated with one another in the world of the 1.6 billion...
Holy See, China reach accord on appointment of bishops (CWN)
Catholic World News 2018-09-22 @ 02:09
The Vatican has signed an agreement with China, giving the Beijing government a role in the appointment of new bishops.
'You Reminded Us That With God, We Shall Overcome': Grieving Typhoon Survivors Grateful for CBN Disaster Relief
CBN - Christian World News 2018-09-21 @ 15:58
She Refused to Renounce Jesus, Islamic Terrorists Are Threatening to Kill This Christian Girl
CBN - Christian World News 2018-09-21 @ 15:28
Reflecting on Church Planting in the Aftermath of Being on the StartUp Podcast, Part 2
Christianity Today 2018-09-21 @ 15:00
Three major topics church planters have contacted me about since the podcast began airing. In one of the episodes of StartUp, my wife Leah is asked about my mental health in relation to church...
Pope accepts resignations of 2 more Chilean bishops (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 11:09
In May, all 31 active Chilean bishops joined in a mass resignation; in June, Pope Francis accepted the resignations of four bishops. The Pontiff has now accepted the resignations of Bishop Carlos...
South Sudan's bishops welcome peace agreement (Fides)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 10:09
The South Sudanese Civil War began in 2013. The peace agreement was signed as the nation's bishops were meeting with Pope Francis in Rome—leading the president of the bishops' conference to...
Create good soil where God's call can take root, Pope tells Italian religious community (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 10:09
The Figli di Santa Maria Immacolata (Sons of Holy Mary Immaculate) were founded by Venerable Giuseppe Frassinetti (1804-1868).
Vatican conference participants issue message against racism, xenophobia (World Council of Churches)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 10:09
The World Conference on Xenophobia, Racism and Populist Nationalism in the Context of Global Migration was organized by the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development and the World Council of...
Belarus: Orthodox body seeks autocephalous status (AsiaNews)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 10:09
Belarus, an Eastern European nation of 9.6 million, is 48% Orthodox and 7% Catholic. The Belarusian Orthodox Church is under the control of the Moscow Patriarchate; the much smaller Belarusian...
Pakistan's religious minorities urge government to return to nation's more tolerant founding vision (Fides)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 10:09
Pakistan, whose official religion is Islam, is the world's sixth most populous nation (205 million). Over 96% of Pakistanis are Muslim.
EU court orders pro-life activist to stop comparing abortion to Holocaust (AP)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 10:09
The European Court of Human Rights issued a unanimous decision in the case.
Work should not be equated with productivity, Pope tells injured workers (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 10:09
Pope Francis also discussed subsidiarity and solidarity in his address to members of the Italian Association for Injured Workers.
In weekday Mass homily, Pope links 'doctors of the law,' scandal, persecution (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 10:09
The Pope preached that the "doctors of the law" "have an attitude that only the hypocrites use often: they are scandalized ... Now everyone has the right to enter into the church, even the divorced...
Costa Rica's bishops rue civil strife (Fides)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 10:09
The Central American nation of 5 million is 76% Catholic and 14% evangelical Protestant.
Pope visits Santa Maria Maggiore as pastoral visit to Baltic nations approaches (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 10:09
Pope appoints administrator for Indian diocese following rape charge against bishop (AsiaNews)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 10:09
On September 19, police in the southwestern Indian state of Kerala questioned Bishop Franco Mulakkal for seven hours.
Terrorists attack prison ministry team in northern Kenya
Mission Network News 2018-09-21 @ 10:04
Kenya (MNN) -- Kenya is generally considered a stable country, but their neighbors to the north and east? Not so much. Tribal fighting plagues southern Ethiopia, and Somalia has to deal with the...
Creating disciples and relationships in Lebanon
Mission Network News 2018-09-21 @ 10:02
Lebanon (MNN) – Resurrection Church Beirut is reaching more than 1,300 people on a regular basis. Resurrection Church Beirut Resurrection Church Beirut’s Lily Malky shares, “Our local...
International Day of Sign Languages: an important recognition for Deaf community
Mission Network News 2018-09-21 @ 10:01
International (MNN) -- Sunday is a historic day for Deaf people. It’s the first-ever International Day of Sign Languages, and it kicks off the 2018 International Week of the Deaf. Rob Myers of DOOR...
SGA churches offer aid and compassion in eastern Ukraine
Mission Network News 2018-09-21 @ 10:00
Ukraine (MNN) -- Reports from Slavic Gospel Association say the fighting in eastern Ukraine seems to be increasing. Unfortunately, fighting and suffering have become disturbingly normal for this...
Hundreds of Chinese Christian leaders sign join statement on religious freedom (St. Charles Institute)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 09:09
Since February, "the state has enforced a dramatic tightening of controls over religious matters," the Protestant pastors said. "A fresh wave of attacks on religious gatherings, places of worship...
Nepal's anti-conversion law has fostered anti-Christian violence, group charges (Christian Solidarity Worldwide)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 09:09
The South Asian nation of 29 million is 81% Hindu, 9% Buddhist, 4% Muslim, and 3% Kirat Mundhum (an indigenous religion).
Pope laments rising racism, fear of foreigners (AsiaNews)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 09:09
Pope Francis addressed participants in the World Conference on Xenophobia, Racism, and Populist Nationalism in the context of Global Migration.
10 years after Kandhamal riots: '7 innocents have been convicted' (The Wire)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 09:09
In this interview, veteran Catholic journalist Anto Akkara discusses the 2008 anti-Christian pogrom in the eastern Indian state of Odisha (formerly Orissa).
Pope Francis sends video greetings ahead of visit to Baltic nations (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 09:09
Pope Francis begins a 4-day apostolic journey to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia on September 22.
Chinese Catholics have no say in Vatican negotiations, priest reports (AsiaNews)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 07:09
As the Vatican nears an agreement with Beijing on the appointment of bishops, a priest in China reports to AsiaNews that the faithful in China have not been consulted in the negotiations.
Wisconsin bishop retires from ministry, admits failure to report abuse (Fox)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 07:09
Bishop Robert Morneau, a retired auxiliary of the Green Bay diocese, has announced that he is withdrawing from public ministry, acknowledging that he failed to report a sex-abuse incident in 1979...
Cardinal Tobin: will not attend October Synod (CNA)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 07:09
Cardinal Joseph Tobin on Newark has announced that he will not participate in the October meeting of the Synod of Bishops. Cardinal Tobin, who was chosen by Pope Francis as a Synod delegate...
Cardinal Zen says Secretary of State should resign for 'betrayal' of Church in China (South China Morning Post)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 07:09
Cardinal Joseph Zen has accused Cardinal Pietro Parolin of an "incredible betrayal" of the Church in China, and said that the Vatican Secretary of State should resign. "They're giving the flock into...
Cardinal Parolin defends deal with China (Reuters)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 07:09
Cardinal Pietro Parolin has defended the Vatican against charges that a deal with China, allowing the Beijing regime to appoint bishops, is a "betrayal." Without naming Cardinal Joseph Zen, who had...
Former judge appointed to investigate New York archdiocese on abuse issues (AP)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 07:09
New York's Cardinal Timothy Dolan has appointed a former federal judge to investigate the handling of sex-abuse complaints by the archdiocese. The cardinal asked Judge Barbara Jones to "leave no...
Archbishop Chaput publishes critique of Synod working document (First Things)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 07:09
Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia has published a critique of the working document that will be the basis for discussion at the October meeting of the Synod of Bishop. The critique—prep...
Background on Rome hospital as center of Papal Foundation dispute (Crux)
Catholic World News 2018-09-21 @ 07:09
The Crux news site provides a thorough backgrounder on the Immaculata Dermatological Institute, the hospital in Rome that became the focus of controversy when, at the prompting of Pope Francis, the...
Hillsong is Becoming Its Own Denomination - Here's Why
CBN - Christian World News 2018-09-20 @ 21:04
Reflecting on the Rewards and Risks of Going on the StartUp Business Podcast, Part 1
Christianity Today 2018-09-20 @ 21:00
'Fascinating' and 'terrifying' are the words that come to mind when I think about my experience of being recorded for days on end. I recently had the pleasure of being shadowed by an ambitious young...
This Will Be America’s Worst Year on Record for Refugee Resettlement
Christianity Today 2018-09-20 @ 16:00
The administration says there is a genocide happening to Christians in Iraq. Only 18 of them have been given resettlement in America this year. Only 30,000 refugees will be allowed to resettle in the...
Should Hymns Keep the Theology of Their Writers?
Christianity Today 2018-09-20 @ 15:00
Experts weighed in. John Piper needed "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" to match a sermon, so he wrote two new Reformed verses. Many of writer Thomas Chisholm's fellow Methodists, who "sing their theology,...
Gleanings: October 2018
Christianity Today 2018-09-20 @ 15:00
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our October issue). Israel: Christians worry about official secondary status Israel's legislature passed a special law this...
Interview: Richard Foster: Effort Is Not the Opposite of Grace
Christianity Today 2018-09-20 @ 15:00
As he retires from public ministry, the ‘Celebration of Discipline’ author reflects on the heart of spiritual formation. Richard Foster wrote Celebration of Discipline 40 years ago as a young...
Cover Story: God of the Second Shift
Christianity Today 2018-09-20 @ 15:00
The theology of work conversation is thriving. Why are most workers missing from it? Our group was white, college-educated, and passionate about helping people find meaning in their careers. We...
Reflecting on the Rewards and Risks of Going on the StartUp Business Podcast, Part 1
Christianity Today 2018-09-20 @ 15:00
'Fascinating' and 'terrifying' are the words that come to mind when I think about my experience of being recorded for days on end. I recently had the pleasure of being shadowed by an ambitious young...
Why Does the Red Planet Call to Us?
Christianity Today 2018-09-20 @ 15:00
What space exploration tells us about human curiosity, from Eden to Mars. Blue is the color of Mars at sunset.From the surface, the cold, dim light of the setting sun comes in from the horizon as it...
God Shook My World at an EDM Concert
Christianity Today 2018-09-20 @ 15:00
I was rolling on Ecstasy when the scales suddenly fell from my eyes. I never thought I would become a Christian. I wasn't raised in church. I grew up believing science had all the answers, that...
When God Makes Sunbeams Collide with Waterfall Spray
Christianity Today 2018-09-20 @ 15:00
Rainbows signify something more than a post-Flood peace offering. There is more to a rainbow than meets the eye. In one sense, I mean that literally: The human eye cannot see the colors at either end...
What Trees Teach Us about Life, Death, and Resurrection
Christianity Today 2018-09-20 @ 15:00
Other than God and people, they’re the most mentioned living thing in the Bible. I've always loved trees. I love their look, their shade, the sound of wind in their leaves, and the taste of every...
Mr. Rogers Had a Dangerous Side
Christianity Today 2018-09-20 @ 15:00
Underneath the gentle smile and neighborly manner, he was driven by anger at the way the world treated children. Fred Rogers—perhaps you know him by the title "Mister"—is a cultural...
Brooklyn diocese reaches record $27.5M settlement with 4 victims of abuse (NBC News)
Catholic World News 2018-09-20 @ 11:09
When they were teenage boys, the plaintiffs were abused by a layman who was his parish's director of religious education.
Vatican newspaper highlights: Syria, general audience, carbon dioxide emissions, Kenyan hospital (CWN)
Catholic World News 2018-09-20 @ 11:09
L'Osservatore Romano (September 20 Italian edition) devoted front-page coverage to the following stories:
Pope reflects on 'Honor your father and mother' (Zenit)
Catholic World News 2018-09-20 @ 10:09
In recent months, Pope Francis has devoted his Wednesday general audiences to the Sacrament of Baptism (April 11-May 16), the Sacrament of Confirmation (May 23-June 6), and the Commandments (beginning...
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