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Federal judge rules CRS must pay health benefits for spouse of gay employee
Catholic News Service 2022-08-19 @ 19:27
BALTIMORE (CNS) — A U.S. District Court judge in Maryland has ruled that Catholic Relief...
Stepping down: Experts draft proposed laws on status of a retired pope
Catholic News Service 2022-08-19 @ 16:25
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis’ plans to visit the central Italian city of L’Aquila...
In note to nuns, pope says he is doing everything he can for Ukraine
Catholic News Service 2022-08-19 @ 14:56
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis said he is doing everything he can for Ukraine,...
Vandals target crisis pregnancy center in western Massachusetts
Catholic News Service 2022-08-19 @ 14:30
EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (CNS) — Police are investigating vandalism at a western Massachusetts pregnancy center that...
A Nonconservative's Plea to Those Leaving Conservative Churches
Christianity Today 2022-08-19 @ 14:00
Roger Olson sympathizes with liberal leavers, but he draws the line at liberal theology. In the preface of Roger Olson's new book, Against Liberal Theology, we meet a particular type of...
In predawn raid, Nicaraguan police remove bishop; his whereabouts unknown
Catholic News Service 2022-08-19 @ 12:25
Nicaraguan police burst into Matagalpa diocesan headquarters and removed an outspoken bishop who had been...
Discovering Healthy Forgiveness (Matthew 18:21-22) - Your Daily Bible Verse - August 19 2022-08-19 @ 05:05
Forgiven people should be forgiving people.
3 Surviving Prayers of Jane Austen 2022-08-19 @ 04:00
Molly Law
Ukrainian Seminary President: Almost 400 Baptist Churches in Ukraine Wiped Out by Russian Invasion
CBN - Christian World News 2022-08-18 @ 21:28
Christianity Today 2022-08-18 @ 16:44
Hip hop artists Lil Mike and Funny Bone got their start performing at churches. Now they're acting on FX's critically acclaimed television series. When Lil Mike and Funny Bone (who perform as the...
Egypt Church Fire Kills 41, Sparks Blame of Building Law's Legacy
Christianity Today 2022-08-18 @ 15:00
Reforms have legalized 2,400 Christian structures, yet Abu Seifein represents problems from when construction and repair permits were impossible to obtain. As Egypt reels from the tragic church...
Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) to publish final report on October 20
Church of England 2022-08-18 @ 14:43
Comment from Bishop of Rochester Jonathan Gibbs, the Church of England's lead bishop for safeguarding.
Ukrainian Seminary President: 400 Baptist Churches Gone
Christianity Today 2022-08-18 @ 14:00
As refugees flee, the war-torn country is left in a pastoral leadership crisis. About 400 Ukrainian Baptist congregations have been lost in Russia's war on Ukraine, said Ukrainian Baptist...
Caritas celebrates its ‘local heroes’ who provide compassion, aid worldwide
Catholic News Service 2022-08-18 @ 13:58
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Marking the day dedicated to the world’s humanitarian workers, Caritas Internationalis...
Hybrid Is Here to Stay 2022-08-18 @ 10:05
People have come to expect, and want, a hybrid world. Not entirely online, but not entirely physical: hybrid. If any institution needs to grasp this new model, it is the Church.
How to Successfully Walk the Tightrope of Life - Girlfriends in God - August 18, 2022 2022-08-18 @ 05:05
We struggle for balance when the real work is clinging to Jesus. Jesus whispers, "Lean into me. Become one with me. Trust me to get you there."
What Should We Say to Victims of Abuse? 2022-08-18 @ 04:00
Sophia Bricker
Does Jesus Wear Undies?
Christianity Today 2022-08-17 @ 19:00
My kids ask the darndest theological questions—putting my seminary degree to the test. I was six months pregnant when I walked across Fuller Seminary's commencement stage in 2012. Underneath...
Studying Renaissance art has transformed retired psychologist’s faith
Catholic News Service 2022-08-17 @ 18:48
DEARBORN, Mich. (CNS) — For centuries, Renaissance art has captivated and penetrated many hearts and...
Kenyan bishops urge calm as presidential election dispute emerges
Catholic News Service 2022-08-17 @ 18:44
NAIROBI, Kenya (CNS) — Amid a persistent call for calm by the country’s Catholic bishops,...
Why Theologians Aren't as Excited About Chinese Christianity's Growth as Sociologists
Christianity Today 2022-08-17 @ 18:00
Success for the church looks different depending on your discipline. On March 1, the Chinese government enacted wide-ranging restrictions on religious communication, teaching, and evangelistic...
Virginia couple’s faith, engineering degrees lead to international service
Catholic News Service 2022-08-17 @ 17:14
BLACKSBURG, Va. (CNS) — Most students who have graduated from Virginia Tech with engineering degrees...
Doubt Be Not Proud
Christianity Today 2022-08-17 @ 17:00
Frederick Buechner diffused the power of disbelief and brought hope to wandering hearts. In The Alphabet of Grace, the late writer Frederick Buechner gave an account of his conversion. He was...
Cardinal Ouellet, Vatican official, among clergy accused of abuse in lawsuit
Catholic News Service 2022-08-17 @ 15:56
MONTREAL (CNS) — Cardinal Marc Ouellet, prefect of the Vatican Dicastery for Bishops, is named...
A Seminary Room of Her Own
Christianity Today 2022-08-17 @ 14:38
Historically, evangelicals have been ahead of the curve in women's education and also way behind it. My pursuit of an MDiv is now part of that mixed legacy. This week I'm packing up my 18-year-old...
Despite dangers in Portland neighborhood, church must remain, says pastor
Catholic News Service 2022-08-17 @ 13:38
PORTLAND, Ore. (CNS) — On warm nights, Father Paulinus Mangesho sleeps in a back room,...
The elderly can unite all generations, save humanity, pope says
Catholic News Service 2022-08-17 @ 12:44
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis dedicated his general audience talk to the urgent need...
Crimea 'Sabotage' Highlights Russia's Woes in Ukraine War
CBN - Christian World News 2022-08-17 @ 09:28
What Are We Thinking? - iBelieve Truth: A Devotional for Women - August 17 2022-08-17 @ 05:05
It's impossible to control every thought that enters our mind, but we can intentionally choose to clear out the critical thoughts heaping shame and guilt upon us.
What Do You Mean There Are Other Gods? 2022-08-17 @ 04:00
Candice Lucey
Indian National Day of Prayer Raises Tricolor and Red Flags
Christianity Today 2022-08-16 @ 21:15
Hundreds of churches bless the world's largest democracy as India celebrates 75 years of independence amid its many growing pains. After 75 years of independence, Christians in India are proud to...
4 Sri Lankan Christians Seeking Their Nation's Rebirth
Christianity Today 2022-08-16 @ 19:30
How believers are living out their faith amid unprecedented political upheaval. On July 9, after months of taking to the streets, Sri Lanka protesters successfully pressured President Gotabaya...
Satanist Has a Vision of Jesus, Gets Delivered from Addiction and Suicide: 'I Felt This Love and This Joy from God'
CBN - Christian World News 2022-08-16 @ 16:59
Mission Schools Sexual Abuse Suit Dismissed on Technicality
Christianity Today 2022-08-16 @ 16:00
A North Carolina judge says the Nigerian statute of limitations prevents the case from going forward. A North Carolina judge has dismissed a lawsuit alleging a missionary agency was responsible for...
Film based on Indiana woman’s true story ‘reclaims beauty of adoption’
Catholic News Service 2022-08-16 @ 15:31
EDINBURGH, Ind. (CNS) — Melissa Coles received a call in the late summer of 2019....
Catholics express sorrow, offer prayers after Orthodox church fire in Egypt
Catholic News Service 2022-08-16 @ 15:30
NAIROBI, Kenya ( CNS) — Some Catholic leaders have joined the Coptic Orthodox Church in...
A Prayer for Faith - Your Daily Prayer - August 16 2022-08-16 @ 05:05
What area of your life are you struggling to believe God in? Let's come to Him today and ask for more faith through His Holy Spirit.
What Does it Mean to Be Joyful in Hope? 2022-08-16 @ 04:00
Keren Kanyago
Died: Frederick Buechner, Popular Christian 'Writer's Writer' and 'Minister's Minister'
Christianity Today 2022-08-16 @ 00:00
Buechner died peacefully in his sleep on Monday at age 96, according to his family. Frederick Buechner was asked on numerous occasions how he would sum up everything he had preached and written in...
A Shelf Called Remember: How Frederick Buechner Built Up My Faith
Christianity Today 2022-08-15 @ 23:18
The late writer's books upended the way I think about almost everything. After I heard the news of the death of Frederick Buechner this week, I walked over to a bookcase in my study that I visit...
Frederick Buechner, the Reverend of Oz
Christianity Today 2022-08-15 @ 22:46
At 70, Frederick Buechner looks back on his ministry in letters. (From 1997) Frederick Buechner died today (August 15, 2022) at age 96. Christianity Today has covered his books extensively over the...
Beyond the border, reunification of Latin American families takes years
Catholic News Service 2022-08-15 @ 19:24
WASHINGTON (CNS) — Jorge Alvarenga’s voice seemed to crack just a little when the 31-year-old...
Bianca Jagger steps to the forefront in defense of Nicaraguan bishop
Catholic News Service 2022-08-15 @ 19:12
WASHINGTON (CNS) — Bianca Jagger counts herself among the thousands of Nicaraguan Catholics in constant...
Treasures in Heaven, Portfolios on Earth
Christianity Today 2022-08-15 @ 19:11
When Christian investors focus solely on avoiding unethical causes, they miss a chance to build up good corporations and ministries. In 1971, the Episcopal Church ignited modern "values investing...
Grammy-nominated musician Sarah Hart releases new Marian hymn
Catholic News Service 2022-08-15 @ 15:44
NOLENSVILLE, Tenn. (CNS) — For Sarah Hart, writing a new hymn is always about pleasing...
Mary teaches primacy of humility over power, success
Catholic News Service 2022-08-15 @ 13:41
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Mary’s humble life and example are a testament to the triumph...
Pope warns Somalia at risk of famine, appeals for aid
Catholic News Service 2022-08-15 @ 13:23
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis called on the international community to help the people...
Getting Your "News" from TikTok 2022-08-15 @ 10:05
Sam Wineburg is a professor of education at Stanford University and founder of the Stanford History Education Group. Along with Nadav Ziv, a research associate, Wineburg penned a telling essay for...
Is Your Light Shining Before Others? - iBelieve Truth: A Devotional for Women - August 15 2022-08-15 @ 05:05
How bright is your light shining?
Does God Care about Our Success? 2022-08-15 @ 04:00
Sophia Bricker
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