Hymn:Come To Me, Says Jesus
Words:Alan Gaunt (b 1935)
Music:Kenneth George Finlay (1882-1974)
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Verse 1
"Come to me", says Jesus, 
"all who are distressed; 
take my yoke upon you, 
I will give you rest." 
Verse 2
"I am meek and humble, 
find, with me, release 
from false airs and graces; 
come, and be at peace." 
Verse 3
Hear the call of Jesus, 
come, be deeply blessed; 
his the invitation, 
you the honoured guest. 
Verse 4
Here, where bread is broken, 
here, where wine is poured, 
thankfully receive him, 
find your faith restored. 
Verse 5
Pardon, feed and heal us, 
humble, courteous Lord, 
gracious host, for ever 
honoured and adored. 
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