Hymn:God Of Freedom, God Of Justice
Words:Shirley Erena Murray (b 1931)
Music:17th century French carol
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Verse 1
God of freedom, God of justice, 
You whose love is strong as death, 
You who saw the dark of prison, 
You who knew the price of faith— 
Touch our world of sad oppression 
With Your Spirit's healing breath. 
Verse 2
Rid the earth of torture's terror, 
You whose hands were nailed to wood; 
Hear the cries of pain and protest, 
You who shed the tears and blood— 
Move in us the pow'r of pity 
Restless for the common good. 
Verse 3
Make in us a captive conscience 
Quick to hear, to act, to plead; 
Make us truly sisters, brothers 
Of whatever race or creed— 
Teach us to be fully human, 
Open to each other's need. 
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