Hymn:May This Place Be One Of Nurture
Words:Ally Barrett
Music:Maurice Bevan (b 1921)
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Verse 1
May this place be one of nurture 
where we all may come to know 
how your endless love sustains us 
as we live and move and grow. 
May we work to build your kingdom 
full of truth and light and grace, 
living life in all its fullness 
held in one divine embrace. 
Verse 2
For our negligence and failures 
you have called us to repent, 
drawing energy for action 
from the voices of lament. 
As the secret hurts long hidden 
may at last be brought to light, 
may the truth unlock the freedom 
that is every person’s right. 
Verse 3
When the smallest child is valued, 
and the strong empower the weak, 
and each human life is hallowed 
and the unheard voices speak: 
then your justice stands like mountains 
and your mercy falls like rain, 
and you hold the broken hearted 
till they learn to live again. 
Verse 3
So, in gratitude we praise you, 
and we lift to you in prayer, 
all the people you are calling 
to this ministry of care. 
Give us wisdom, grace and courage, 
holding fast to all that’s good, 
seeing Christ in one another 
we will love and serve our Lord. 
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