Hymn:My Spirit Longs For Thee
Tune:Quam Dilecta
Words:John Byrom (1692-1763)
Music:Henry Lascelles Jenner (1820-98)
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Verse 1
My spirit longs for thee 
within my troubled breast, 
though I unworthy be 
of so divine a guest. 
Verse 2
Of so divine a guest 
unworthy though I be, 
yet has my heart no rest 
unless it come from thee. 
Verse 3
Unless it come from thee, 
in vain I look around; 
in all that I can see 
no rest is to be found. 
Verse 4
No rest is to be found 
but in thy blessed love: 
O let my wish be crowned, 
and send it from above! 
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