Hymn:Holy Spirit, Come, Confirm Us
Tune:All For Jesus
Words:Brian Foley (1919-2000)
Music:John Stainer (1840-1901)
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Verse 1
Holy Spirit, come, confirm us 
in the truth that Christ makes known; 
We have faith and understanding 
through your helping gifts alone. 
Verse 2
Holy Spirit, come, console us, 
come as advocate to plead; 
Loving Spirit stand beside us, 
grant in Christ the help we need. 
Verse 3
Holy Spirit, come, renew us, 
come yourself to make us live; 
Make us holy through your presence, 
holy through the gifts you give. 
Verse 4
Holy Spirit, come, fulfill us, 
you the love of Three in One; 
Bring our lives to full completion 
through your work in us begun. 
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