Hymn:At Cana's Wedding, Long Ago
Words:Timothy Dudley-Smith (b 1926)
Music:adapted by Henri Frederick Hemy (1818-88)
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Verse 1
At Cana's wedding, long ago, 
they knew his presence by this sign, 
a virtue none but Christ could show, 
to turn their water into wine: 
and still on us his blessing be 
as in the days of Galilee. 
Verse 2
What if the way be far to go 
and life at times a weary load? 
Yet may our hearts within us glow 
as theirs on that Emmaus road: 
the risen Christ become our guest, 
with him to walk, in him to rest. 
Verse 3
O Lord of all our life below, 
O risen Lord of realms above, 
eternal joy be theirs to know, 
united in the bond of love: 
one in the faith, with one accord, 
one with each other and the Lord. 
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