Hymn:For The Healing Of The Nations
Tune:Alleluia Dulce Carmen
Words:Fred Kaan (1929-2009)
Music:Michael Haydn (1737-1806)
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Verse 1
For the healing of the nations, 
Lord, we pray with one accord; 
For a just and equal sharing 
Of the things that earth affords. 
To a life of love and action 
Help us rise and pledge our word. 
Verse 2
Lead us, Father, into freedom, 
From despair your world release; 
That redeemed from war and hatred, 
We may come and go in peace. 
Show us how, through care and goodness, 
Fear will die and hope increase. 
Verse 3
You, Creator God, have written 
Your great name on humankind; 
For our growing in your likeness 
Bring the life of Christ to mind: 
That, by our response and service, 
Earth its destiny may find. 
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