Hymn:The Kingdom Of God Is Justice And Joy
Words:Bryn Rees (1911-83)
Music:Alan Gray (1855-1935)
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Verse 1
The kingdom of God is justice and joy; 
For Jesus restores what sin would destroy. 
God's power and glory in Jesus we know; 
And here and hereafter the kingdom shall grow. 
Verse 2
The kingdom of God is mercy and grace; 
The captives are freed, the sinners find place, 
The outcast are welcomed God's banquet to share; 
And hope is awakened in place of despair. 
Verse 3
The kingdom of God is challenge and choice: 
Believe the good news, repent and rejoice! 
God's love for us sinners brought Christ to his cross: 
Our crisis of judgement for gain or for loss. 
Verse 4
God's kingdom is come, the gift and the goal; 
In Jesus begun, in heaven made whole. 
The heirs of the kingdom shall answer his call; 
And all things cry "Glory!" to God all in all. 
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