Hymn:Amazing Grace
Tune:Amazing Grace
Words:John Newton (1725-1807)
Music:traditional American melody
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Verse 1
Amazing grace how sweet the sound 
that saved a wretch like me 
I once was lost but now am found 
was blind but now I see.  
Verse 2
'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear 
and grace my fears relieved 
how precious did that grace appear 
the hour I first believed.  
Verse 3
Through many dangers, toils, and snares, 
I have already come; 
'tis grace hath brought me safe thus far, 
and grace will lead me home.  
Verse 4
The earth shall soon dissolve like snow, 
The sun forbear to shine. 
But God who called me here below 
Will be forever mine  
Verse 5
When we've been there ten thousand years, 
bright shining as the sun, 
we've no less days to sing God's praise 
than when we first begun. 


Verse 1
D7  G            B7  C         G 
A___mazing grace how sweet the sound 
D    G       Em     A7   D 
that saved a wretch like me 
D7 G             B7  C      G 
I  once was lost but now am found 
D7  G         G/D  D  C  G/B  Am  G 
was blind but now  I  see.  
Verse 2
D7    G                 B7  C        G 
'Twas grace that taught my  heart to fear 
D   G        Em    A7  D 
and grace my fears re__lieved 
D7  G            B7   C       G 
how precious did that grace appear 
D7  G      G/D   D  C  G/B  Am  G 
the hour I first be_lieved.  
Verse 3
D7      G       B7    C          G 
Through many dangers, toils, and snares, 
D  G      Em  A7  D 
I  have alrea_dy  come; 
D7   G                  B7  C         G 
'tis grace hath brought me  safe thus far, 
D7  G          G/D  D  C  G/B  Am  G 
and grace will lead me home.  
Verse 4
D7  G                B7  C          G 
The earth shall soon dissolve like snow, 
D   G      Em   A7  D 
The sun forbear to  shine. 
D7  G              B7  C      G 
But God who called me  here below 
D7   G     G/D  D   C  G/B  Am  G 
Will be fore____ver mine  
Verse 5
D7   G                B7  C        G 
When we've been there ten thousand years, 
D      G       Em  A7  D 
bright shining as  the sun, 
D7    G            B7  C          G 
we've no less days to  sing God's praise 
D7   G       G/D   D  C  G/B  Am  G 
than when we first be_gun. 
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