Hymn:We Have A Gospel To Proclaim
Words:Edward J Burns (b 1938)
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Verse 1
We have a gospel to proclaim 
Good news for men in all the earth; 
The gospel of a Saviour’s name: 
We sing His glory, tell His worth. 
Verse 2
Tell of His birth at Bethlehem, 
Not in a royal house or hall 
But in a stable dark and dim: 
The Word made flesh, a light for all. 
Verse 3
Tell of His death at Calvary, 
Hated by those He came to save; 
In lonely suffering on the cross 
For all He loved, His life He gave. 
Verse 4
Tell of that glorious Easter morn: 
Empty the tomb, for He was free. 
He broke the power of death and hell That we might share His victory. 
Verse 5
Tell of His reign at God’s right hand, 
By all creation glorified; 
He sends His Spirit on His Church 
To live for Him, the Lamb who died. 
Verse 6
Now we rejoice to name Him King: 
Jesus is Lord of all the earth. 
This gospel message we proclaim: 
We sing His glory, tell His worth. 
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