Hymn:All For Jesus! All For Jesus
Tune:All For Jesus
Words:W J Sparrow-Simpson (1859-1952)
Music:John Stainer (1840-1901)
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Verse 1
All for Jesus! all for Jesus! 
This our song shall ever be: 
you our only hope, our Savior, 
yours the love that sets us free! 
Verse 2
All for Jesus: you will give us 
strength to serve you hour by hour; 
none can move us from your presence 
while we trust your grace and power. 
Verse 3
All for Jesus--you have loved us, 
all for Jesus--you have died, 
all for Jesus--you are with us, 
all for Jesus crucified. 
Verse 4
All for Jesus, all for Jesus, 
all our talents and our powers, 
all our thoughts and words and actions, 
all our passing days and hours. 
Verse 5
All for Jesus, all for Jesus! 
This the Church's song shall be 
till at last her children gather, 
one in him eternally. 
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