Hymn:Healing God, Almighty Father
Words:John Richards (b 1939)
Music:R H Prichard (1811-87)
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Verse 1
Healing God, almighty Father, 
active throughout history, 
ever saving, guiding, working 
for your children to be free. 
Shepherd, king, inspiring prophets 
to foresee your suffering role; 
Lord, we raise our prayers and voices; 
make us one and make us whole. 
Verse 2
Healing Christ, God's Word incarnate, 
reconciling each to all, 
God's atonement, dying for us, 
his full rescue from our Fall. 
'Jesus', saviour, healer, victor, 
drawing out for us death's sting; 
Lord, we bow our hearts in worship, 
and united praises bring. 
Verse 3
Healing Spirit, Christ-anointing, 
raising to new life in him; 
help to poor; release to captives; 
cure of body; health within. 
Life-renewing and empowering 
Christ-like service to the lost; 
Lord, we pray 'Renew your wonders 
as of a New Pentecost!' 
Verse 4
Healing Church, called-out and chosen 
to enlarge God's kingdom here; 
Lord-obeying; Spirit strengthened 
to bring God's salvation near. 
For creation's reconciling 
gifts of love in us release, 
Father, Son and Holy Spirit, 
'Make us instruments of peace'. 
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