Hymn:All People That On Earth Do Dwell
Tune:Old Hundredth
Words:William Kethe (1520-94)
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Verse 1
All people that on earth do dwell, 
sing to the Lord with cheerful voice. 
Him serve with mirth, his praise forth tell; 
come ye before Him and rejoice. 
Verse 2
The Lord, ye know, is God indeed; 
without our aid He did us make; 
we are His folk, He doth us feed, 
and for his sheep He doth us take. 
Verse 3
O enter then his gates with praise; 
approach with joy his courts unto; 
praise, laud, and bless his name always, 
for it is seemly so to do. 
Verse 4
For why? The Lord our God is good; 
His mercy is forever sure; 
His truth at all times firmly stood, 
and shall from age to age endure. 
Verse 5
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
the God whom heaven and earth adore, 
from men and from the angel host 
be praise and glory evermore. 


Verse 1
G      D   Em   Bm  Em    D  G 
All people that on  earth do dwell, 
            D    Em   C    G   D 
sing to the Lord with cheerful voice. 
Em  D/F#  G    D      G/B   C      D7/A   G 
Him serve with mirth, his   praise forth  tell; 
Bm   Em   Am       G/B   D  D7  G 
come ye before Him and   re_____joice. 
Verse 2
G         D  Em    Bm  Em  D  G 
The Lord, ye know, is  God in_deed; 
            D   Em  C   G  D 
without our aid He  did us make; 
Em  D/F#  G   D     G/B   C    D7/A   G 
we  are   His folk, He    doth us     feed, 
Bm  Em      Am       G/B   D  D7  G 
and for his sheep He doth  us     take. 
Verse 3
G   D   Em   Bm  Em    D    G 
O enter then his gates with praise; 
              D   Em  C      G  D 
approach with joy his courts un_to; 
Em      D/F#  G   D     G/B   C    D7/A   G 
praise, laud, and bless his   name al_____ways, 
Bm   Em    Am     G/B   D  D7  G 
for  it is seemly so    to     do. 
Verse 4
G        D   Em   Bm  Em  D  G 
For why? The Lord our God is good; 
          D  Em  C  G  D 
His mercy is for_ev_er sure; 
Em  D/F#  G  D   G/B   C   D7/A   G 
His truth at all times firmly     stood, 
Bm  Em         Am     G/B   D  D7  G 
and shall from age to age   en_____dure. 
Verse 5
G    D     Em   Bm  Em  D  G 
To Father, Son, and Ho__ly Ghost, 
             D      Em  C     G  D 
the God whom heaven and earth a__dore, 
Em   D/F#  G   D    G/B   C  D7/A   G 
from men   and from the   an_gel    host 
Bm  Em         Am    G/B   D  D7  G 
be  praise and glory e_____ver____more. 
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