Hymn:All Hail King Jesus
Tune:King Jesus
Words:Dave Moody
Music:Dave Moody
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All hail King Jesus 
All hail Emmanuel 
King of Kings 
Lord of Lords 
Bright Morning Star 
And throughout eternity 
I'll sing Your praises 
And I'll reign with You throughout eternity 


F             C 
All hail King Jesus 
          Bb/F  F 
All hail Emmanu_el 
     A/E   Dm 
King of    Kings 
Lord of Lords 
G7             Gm7   C 
Bright Morning Star 
Bb/C  C  F        Fmaj7  F7 
And   throughout eterni__ty 
               Bb      Eb9 
I'll sing Your praises 
         F          D          Gm7  Bb/C  C7  F  Gm7/F  F 
And I'll reign with You throughout eter___ni__ty 
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