Hymn:In Christ There Is No East Or West
Tune:ST Stephen
Words:John Oxenham (1852-1941)
Music:William Jones (1726-1800)
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Verse 1
In Christ there is no east or west, 
in him no south or north, 
but one great fellowship of love 
throughout the whole wide earth. 
Verse 2
In Christ shall true hearts everywhere 
their high communion find; 
his service is the golden cord 
close-binding humankind. 
Verse 3
Join hands, disciples of the faith, 
whate'er your race may be. 
All children of the living God 
are surely kin to me. 
Verse 4
In Christ now meet both east and west; 
in him meet south and north. 
All Christly souls are one in him 
throughout the whole wide earth. 
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